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By now I think you can understand that I post readings by Gregory Scott because he is by far one of the most highly intuitive faith readers of the cards who I have ever heard. He reads is the same style that I do so I consider him my reader ūüėé


Daily Reading with Gregory Scott . New beginnings and fortunes

The 5:55 Code

Although I prefer to call these synchronicities of numbers, some¬†prefer to call them Angel Numbers. Numbers correspond to colors, tones, directions, tides, gravity, light, seasons, names, astrology and astronomy and every mathematical and scientific field as well as literature, art, tarot and all manner of card and strategic games, computer programming, songwriting…Baking..numbers are in everything.

They are THE Universal language. Learning this Universal language is quite helpful in the navigation of life. ¬†Angels, God, your loved ones, spirit guides, your own higher self or source energy, the Universe, Mother Earth…whatever you prefer to call it… your attention is being called¬†to these synchronicities about different types of very strong energy patterns that are surrounding you at this time. When you see repeating fives over and again in a short amount of time, you should be aware of this strong energy current. Know that acting upon things take great courage but you are in the perfect energetic time to do so.

5.5.5 = 15/6

Three fives are about finding freedom and great choices and changes. They are a sign that things are moving quickly. You are being asked to pay attention to the very high energy of freedom and high discernment surrounding you at this very time. ¬†The shadow side of this energy is indecision and bondage. What is it that you find yourself bound to? A relationship that has lost it’s luster? could it be a monkey that you’ve been wanting to get off your back? The triple fives are a sign to make you aware that ¬†you are in direct energy to be able to break the ties that bind you to something that no longer serves you. This is the perfect time for you to finally obtain your freedom! Your great intuitive discernment is your tool to free you now. This can be a great day of freedom ¬†and celebration for you, because of what you choose to stop now you will stay free from.

The Devil card in the Tarot illustrates the Energy of the triple fives well. I chose two of my favorite Devil cards which I feel represent him devilishly good.

In both cards, ¬†someone is in bondage to something else. But if you look further you will notice that the people all have the choice to lay down the tools that are holding them in bondage to something they feel is bigger than them but actually won’t work if they would just FREE themselves.

 Best Wishes,

¬†Michelle Lee ūüĆļ


He’s always spot on. Tarot Forecast May 19, 2017¬†

Gregory Scott is my favorite Intuitive Tarot Reader to listen to. Not only does he wear his heart on his sleeve, a tendency I’m quite familiar with myself, open book lives hoping to somehow let our living example help someone else even if only in a small way.  A true tarot reader will have a connection with higher source and his is quite obvious. 

He hits the overall energy of the days every single time. Gregory has a highly intuitive way of reading the story of the cards that’s fun and informative

Sometimes reminding of Dusty White in the way he reads the stories which is fantastic in my viewpoint due to Dusty being one of my biggest tarot reading influences. He adds Numerolgy and Astrology to his readings much the same as I do in my Session readings. My daughter and I look forward to his daily spreads. Enjoy ūüĆĻ

Tarot Forecast May 19 Gregory Scott

The Return of Aphrodite


I seem to have a knack for pulling just the right card on the right¬†day. I feel myself resurfacing after 7 weeks of hiding alone with deep pain, heartbreak,¬†despair and confusion. Questioning myself, my life, my choices. After a loss so great, my feminine self was lost to me entirely. Due¬†to my life history, the story that is only¬†personally mine, I have strength and great courage to go on.¬†I almost lost everything ¬†intrinsically me to try to make someone else’s life happy and more important than mine or even my own children at the the cost of so much.

It’s okay to grow and I have grown immensely over the past 5 years, over the past year the most. I know who I am. I feel the divine spark is in me again, ¬†God has filled my heart and found me and given me the grace and the courage to continue in my growth. To embrace the essence of me. To have the courage to be me and not what family expects of me or what will make one man happy.¬†I feel the power surging through my entire being once again. I have been embraced by feminine love much larger than the love I’ve known throughout my life.

I wonder, how many people¬†have sat with me as I encourage¬†them have the courage and strength to get through their lives with power and self love…to find their joy and path in life? Who would I be if I cannot heed my own advice to love myself and my children enough to have the courage to be ME? The Me that was designed and¬†destined to be from before birth. I love her. He may not, but I do. I’ve made so many¬†errors in my lifetime, but I’ve learned so much.

I look back on all the quiet heart to heart times I’ve had with friends and clients.¬†My life and my story has given a me a great compassion and love for others. My empathy is so deep that I understand everyone’s story and can actually connect.¬†I can feel their despair and connect with them on a level¬†that no one else has.¬†I feel people’s dreams and am able to encourage them achieve them. I’ve seen so many sorrows turn to happiness. I know the power and miraculous nature of God. I’ve seen it way too many times to lose faith in myself and faith in God.

So yes, Aphrodite has returned to me. I can feel the divine feminine¬†essence of God has returned to me. I can feel this loving energy coursing¬†through my heart and throughout my body and spirit. I am me. I am divine feminine. My nature is divine. I have a¬†calling and a need for community and service to others, not just to one. I’m feeling free again. Love is FREEDOM.

And to the strong loving women who helped me find this strength again…I love you and am eternally grateful.

Aphrodite has returned


From The Oracle of the Mermaids:

The Mermaids Sing: “She has come back to us… piercing us all with her sweetness and beauty…

So goes the Homeric Hymn of Aphrodite, an ancient rhapsody recording encounters with this sea-born Goddess who is a friend to Merfolk everywhere ‚Äď and to you, if you so wish it. Aphrodite‚Äôs story is fascinating‚Ķ and when you receive this card, you are part of an enchanting talk that is being told in your life‚Ķ you may have always doubted your ability to attract, yet when this card comes to you, it is as if the graces, Aphrodite‚Äôs handmaidens, are coming to greet you as you are re-birthed from the womb of the sea. They adorn you with jewels and kisses, lavish you with pampering, and you will, at last, begin to believe in the power of your own gracefulness, your own sacred powers, your own allure and magnetic appeal. Aphrodite is sea-born as were you, of the womb of your mother, and when she comes to you, you are being reminded that it is possible to be sexual without being in partnership or formal marriage‚Ķ she is returning to you to remind you of the beauty and grace of laughter , of delight, of seeing all that is before you as wondrous and perfect in its own right, delighting as she did in the variety of beings on the planet, encouraging all to procreate, make love, sing, and revel in life. She is a sign of a return to sexual health, to healthy and glorious self-love and self-esteem, of a wish to be free for a time from ‚Äúmarriage‚ÄĚ or conventional relationships ‚Äď a time to explore, to delight, to be sensual, and to be free, with no fear of retribution.

Divination: ‚ÄúWhen Aphrodite comes to you from the sea, you are being reminded of your deep, delicious nature, the power of sensual desire, and the holiness of laughter and delight. There will be female friends who encourage you to remain free, and to find out for yourself what it is you want, and who will praise you and assist you‚Ķ it is a time of being reborn into your sensual self, and all that you are as a woman ‚Äď your yoni, your body, your breasts and hips, all are now greeted and claimed, reclaimed with love. You see that you do walk in beauty, and that many have seen you coming from afar, and have desired you. There is no sin in this. Aphrodite loved beauty too, and knew how to share with other women ‚Äď gifting her magic belt to Hera for a time to help her with her faithless husband Zeus, or sharing Adonis for half the year with youthful, irresistible Persephone‚Ķ she is not the same as others. She does not wish to ‚Äúhave and to hold.‚ÄĚ She wishes to experience, to love, to be filled, again and again, with all the beauty this world has to offer. But she never wishes for ownership. All is Golden; everybody is in Love, for a magical time, because this Goddess has returned.‚ÄĚ*

~ Lucy Cavendish~ The Oracle of the Mermaids: Magical Messages of Healing, Love and Romance