He’s always spot on. Tarot Forecast May 19, 2017 

Gregory Scott is my favorite Intuitive Tarot Reader to listen to. Not only does he wear his heart on his sleeve, a tendency I’m quite familiar with myself, open book lives hoping to somehow let our living example help someone else even if only in a small way.  A true tarot reader will have a connection with higher source and his is quite obvious. 

He hits the overall energy of the days every single time. Gregory has a highly intuitive way of reading the story of the cards that’s fun and informative

Sometimes reminding of Dusty White in the way he reads the stories which is fantastic in my viewpoint due to Dusty being one of my biggest tarot reading influences. He adds Numerolgy and Astrology to his readings much the same as I do in my Session readings. My daughter and I look forward to his daily spreads. Enjoy 🌹

Tarot Forecast May 19 Gregory Scott