The Destructive Numerolgy of Hurricane Harvey

As a fellow Houstonian raised on the Gulf Coast at NASA, Hurricane Harvey has caused me to take refuge in my home this past week even though I currently reside in North Georgia. As a Master life path 33, or just a fellow human being alone, the pain of my homeland, my friends and family members is something felt deep down to the core of my soul. 

In the past I’ve written much about the positive attributes of numbers in charts. Now I’d like to take the Chart of Hurricane Harvey to explain how a Numerological chart which could be so positive at first glance, can become so powerfully negative and intensely destructive.

On August 13th, 2017 meteorologist began monitoring a tropical wave off the western coast of Africa. This tropical disturbance was expected to merge with another wave of low pressure just southwest of Cape Verde and start organizing together. Instead, they remained separate with a large trough moving this wave farther north. 

On August 17th,  the tropical system began showing signs of organization. An Air Force Hurricane Hunter was sent in and a well defined center was found. At 21:00 UTC, Hurricane Harvey was born as Tropical Storm Harvey.

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Hurricane Harvey was born a Leo. ♌️ Leo is the fixed sign in Astrology representing one with a Royal loving heart. A negative Leo is one who misuses their royal power to seek destruction on others. 


Arrows of Activity, Main Personality Indicators 


The life path number indicates our primary focus in life whereas the birthday number indicates the gift we bring to the world. In the language of numbers, Eight is considered the number of power and strength. It is the combination of the material world (our physical needs) and spiritual world (our soul’s needs) meeting together at a single point in the infinity symbol of 8. 

The positive side of those born with this number is to build great things that will spirituality enhance humanity in material ways. These are the ones born to lead large scale humanitarian and relief efforts. 

The negative side would be those who do not reach their spiritual potential and instead seek to destroy the material and spiritual world of humanity. With two Eights as the most prominent numbers in the chart, this doubles these qualities tremendously. THE POWERHOUSE DESTROYER



The Destiny number indicates the manner in which we will go about to achieve our life’s purpose.

The number 5 relates to freedom and constant activity. Freedom to explore and enjoy life in all its’ forms. It’s the pivotal point in numbers where one must make decisions and take a chance. The five looks for varieties of experience as a whole.  Five is one who will fight for their beliefs.

The negative 5 is hot tempered and does not care about who they’ve hurt with their harsh abrasiveness. They ruthlessly seek to fight and destroy freedom for others in their attempt to reach their own goals. The negative 5 is the number of War.



The personality number is how we are seen by the outside world. In Pythagorean Numerology,  only Master Numbers 11, 22 and 33 are normally given attention. A Master number shows up when the numbers in a certain area of the chart add up to a double number and indicate an excelled amount of energy in that area. Whenever a number reduces to ANY equal combination of numbers, I always prefer to look at that number because it points towards an abundance of energy in that sector of the chart. 

For instance, whereas a Master Number 33 comes with the heavy weight of the Christ’s energy, the energy of all the Ascended Masters combined, it would mean sacrificing the self for love of the greater good of humanity, but if we reduce it further it becomes 6 which is sacrificing oneself for the love of family and home. There is a vast difference in the energy of 33 and 6.

A master vibration of 55 is a double energy of the 5 which on the negative side can cause major outbursts and extreme energy of chaos. It also reduces to a one.  The positive side of one is great leadership abilities whereas the negative side is self absorbed and doesn’t care about who they run over in their efforts to get to the top.  The 1 explains Harvey’s need to remain separate from the other low pressure area off the coast of Africa as well. Ones remain independent at all costs.

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On August 26th, Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the Gulf Coast of Texas in Rockport where it became the first Hurricane of that magnitude to make landfall in the area since 2005, the catastrophic year on the same Gulf Coast where Hurricanes Katrina and Rita made landfall. It’s interesting to note that Hurricane Harvey made his second landfall just two days ago near New Orleans.

Yet the most profound part of Harvey’s Chart is that on the day the floods began to rise in Houston, Hurricane Harvey was in his 8th year, 8th month and 8th day of his Numerological spiritual 9 year cycle. 888 THE TERRORIST 


To my fellow Texans, Houstonians and loved ones, I pray without ceasing for the relief you deserve and as a Texan myself, I know you have the strength, resolve and power to overcome the destruction this monster left. 
May God Bless Texas ⭐️

Michelle Lee 

Repeating 777s and The World

If you happen to suddenly start seeing triple seven’s everywhere then count yourself as a very fortunate person. You are about to see a big change happen in your life for the better. When you begin seeing this synchronicity, you are being shown that you are currently under an immense Energy of luck and fortune at this time.  This is a time of great manifestation and miraculous changes. Because this energy is so high, you are being reminded to keep your thoughts and emotions focused solely on the highest thoughts of joy, love, success and more.

If the mind and the heart are allowed to go toward the negative then you will be UNfortunate enough to bring that negative situation or thinking to you. We manifest what we are thinking and genuinely feeling so pay very close attention to those. Pray, meditate, take time for yourself so you can clear your mind of all th clutter.

In numerology the triple sevens are associated with the Tarot card ‘The World’.


The Tarot of the Trees

The World is the final card of the Major Arcana in Tarot. It shows that we have matured and learned much through all of the major steps in our life. Now is the time to put all that life education to good use. Basically The World is your oyster. It’s up to you to decide which way you want to go now. You have achieved Mastery of so much and will now see the fruit of your efforts in a very large way.  So is it Luck or Mastery that has brought us to this place? Either way, when you begin seeing triple sevens, pay attention because this is your time to reap the luck, changes, success and honors that are at your fingertips right now. Travel or changes in location are very prominent as well.

Best Wishes,

Michelle Lee 🌷