Repeating 666’s and The Moon.

Since my son along with several others have asked me recently what the meaning of 666 is in ‘my’ terms 😏 …is it really something to be fearful of? I thought it’s time to take seeing repeating triple sixes to task.


Photo from EBay

Yikes! When a superstitious girl such as myself catches a glimpse of this, usually my hackles rise up due to my indoctrinated belief system that the number 666 is the mark of the beast. In different philosophical and scientific schools of thought, the triple six is seen as the number of the human, having something to do with genetic code and our evolutionary tale, but I’m a numerologist so I’m not going to take it there. This time atleast 😉


Let’s make this easy. As I have commented in previous posts,  numbers are they universal language. They never change. They are what they are and they are what they have always been. The 666 carries a very high vibration of the number nine.  With number nine being the number signifying the highest spiritual attainment in growth, you are being nudged to pay very close attention to your thoughts.

This is a warning number sequence  not that the you  are the newest member of the Darkside but most likely you’re currently under a very high intense manifestation energy. Your thoughts are not  where they need to be. You may be having thoughts of revenge, victimization,  envy and so forth.   During this very high manifestation time you will be receiving the same back  almost I mediately as you think about it.  You will stay stuck in a cyclical pattern of this Negative Energy.

Coming out of the last month  of the moon in Scorpio, It would be pretty normal to have these types of feelings going on right now. We’ve suffered and had losses, truths revealed and setbacks. But we need to clean them up and pronto!


Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue

666 Correspondence to the Moon in Tarot

The moon is also a warning card, asking us to pay very close attention to our thoughts and our dreams. Pay close attention to the intuition  and psychic guidance you’re getting at this time. Put all the negative thoughts away, clear your mind and pay attention to what is coming to you and your intuitions, thoughts out of the blue and your dreams. Release all fear at this time. You are under the powerful manifestation energy and influence of the moon at this time so anything you put out will come right back to you so now’s the time to heighten your thoughts and your feelings into those of love and prosperity. Prayers for others. Peace for the world 🌎

So if you see these numbers repeatedly, this synchronicity is a warning you to check your thoughts, raise your thoughts to love, spiritual, happiness, success for yourself and others, forgiveness,peace the things that signify the highest spiritual thinking and you  well absolutely manifest some fantastic changes into your life .

Best wishes,

Michelle Lee 🌹

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