3:33 am Wake up call and a date with Kurt and Courtney


It’s not a rare occurence for me to be awakened somewhere between 3 to 4 am, often right at 3:33 am by spirit in some way. Just a last week  I awoke a bit shaken from a dream where I was in a small boat lost at sea. Out at sea is the last place I would ever want to be. Waves lapping at the boat, dark clouds surrounding me, I hung my head down and held on tight but then those first blurry moments coming out of the dreamy sleep state started, I realized that I was feeling someone else in that boat, I felt the familiar detachment take hold.

A dream from a spirit that is not from my memory banks will have a detached quality to it. I sense it’s not me within it almost immediately when I wake up. Someone in spirit was trying to show me they felt lost at sea or something to do with a boat in the water. I did have a session later that afternoon so I sort of chalked it up to a message pertaining to the upcoming session and got on with my morning. which it very much did so. I’ll write more on the boat reading shortly but onto early this morning.

I felt a female tug me sharply to wake me up. In the dreamy state I could hear Nirvanas Smells Like Teen Spirit. So I sat up working the charts of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love to see what this young female spirit was trying to show me.


I won’t go into more details than are in my video because I know now that the young female spirit was trying to show me a relationship that she was in, that was very much like Kurt and Courtney’s was and this female was murdered in hers.



Post edit: I did have a session yesterday with the mother of this female spirit who woke me up earlier this week. I cannot go into details due to the ethics of my work but I can say..spot on..the relationship that she showed me was very much like the one she was unfortunately involved in as per the agreement of her mother to me as to what I had seen and felt. Hers ended with the father of her children killing her in cold blood in a parking lot right here in Georgia in front of her babies during a routine custody exchange.

There were a lot of deep emotions and themes of peace, Christ and the sacrifice of Unconditional Love that came through her Session. This is one special soul I will feel with me for a very long time. I learn so many life and love lessons through my sessions.

S…thank you for waking me up at 3:33am to show me your life in a way that I can understand and thank you for allowing me to be a witness to the great love and support of your family. Your sacrifice will always be remembered 🌷

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