Repeating 444s and The Hanged Man

4.4.4   12/3

As  I stated in my previous blog about repeating fives, I prefer to call these synchronicities of numbers, while others call them Angel or Spirit Numbers. Some call them God Winks.


Numbers correspond to colors, tones, directions, tides, gravity, light, seasons, names, astrology and astronomy and every mathematical and scientific field as well as literature, art, tarot and all manner of card and strategic games, computer programming, songwriting…Baking..numbers are in everything.

Numbers are THE Universal language. Learning this Universal language is quite helpful in the navigation of life. Angels, God, your loved ones, spirit guides, your own higher self or source energy, the Universe, Mother Earth…whatever you prefer to call it… your attention is being called to these synchronicities about different types of very strong energy patterns that are surrounding you at this time.


When you see repeating fours over and again in a short amount of time, you should be aware of this strong energy current. Know then how to act upon things take great courage but you are in the perfect energetic time to do so.




If you keep seeing repeating triple fours then you are being called to attention that things may not be quite as they appear at this time. The reality of the situation just may be the opposite of what you feel or  Believe it to be.

The energy surrounding you right now is nudging you to take some time to pause, take a break, and really try to see things from two opposite sides. This is not a time to rush things or even make a decision. Enjoy the feelings of giving up your point of view and being able to understanding that others can see and feel things of the same nature but from a completely different viewpoint.

Like the Hanged Man in the Tarot, this is a time of pause and reflection so that you can see things clearly before judging or making a decision about the situation surrounding you for the best outcome for all involved.

Best Wishes,

Michelle Lee 🌹




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