The 5:55 Code

Although I prefer to call these synchronicities of numbers, some prefer to call them Angel Numbers. Numbers correspond to colors, tones, directions, tides, gravity, light, seasons, names, astrology and astronomy and every mathematical and scientific field as well as literature, art, tarot and all manner of card and strategic games, computer programming, songwriting…Baking..numbers are in everything.

They are THE Universal language. Learning this Universal language is quite helpful in the navigation of life.  Angels, God, your loved ones, spirit guides, your own higher self or source energy, the Universe, Mother Earth…whatever you prefer to call it… your attention is being called to these synchronicities about different types of very strong energy patterns that are surrounding you at this time. When you see repeating fives over and again in a short amount of time, you should be aware of this strong energy current. Know that acting upon things take great courage but you are in the perfect energetic time to do so.

5.5.5 = 15/6

Three fives are about finding freedom and great choices and changes. They are a sign that things are moving quickly. You are being asked to pay attention to the very high energy of freedom and high discernment surrounding you at this very time.  The shadow side of this energy is indecision and bondage. What is it that you find yourself bound to? A relationship that has lost it’s luster? could it be a monkey that you’ve been wanting to get off your back? The triple fives are a sign to make you aware that  you are in direct energy to be able to break the ties that bind you to something that no longer serves you. This is the perfect time for you to finally obtain your freedom! Your great intuitive discernment is your tool to free you now. This can be a great day of freedom  and celebration for you, because of what you choose to stop now you will stay free from.

The Devil card in the Tarot illustrates the Energy of the triple fives well. I chose two of my favorite Devil cards which I feel represent him devilishly good.

In both cards,  someone is in bondage to something else. But if you look further you will notice that the people all have the choice to lay down the tools that are holding them in bondage to something they feel is bigger than them but actually won’t work if they would just FREE themselves.

 Best Wishes,

 Michelle Lee 🌺


2 thoughts on “The 5:55 Code

    1. Thank you for your comment. Actually the number 2222 is about karma while in high manifestation energy. For someone who hasn’t been doing much nice for themselves or others, they will sew what they reap, but for those who are putting forth their best effort in life in whatever it is …they will be getting back good karma quickly at this highly energetic manifestation time that they are in. So if you start seeing these two’s again especially four of them… know that this is a perfect time to start any type of charity or money making foundation of sorts. It’s a great time for financial investment and rewards of all types! It’s also a great time to get back the love that you have been putting out for others, to reap rewards for those you have helped and such like that. Not because you require them but because you automatically earn them back by the law of attraction and very quickly. So a 2222 is a head’s up to keep your thoughts and actions in high vibratory areas such as love, helping others, making money and so forth 😘


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