Nostalgia of Yesterdays Gone by on Mother’s Day

Early this morning I started reviewing pictures of all the great memories we had in life before my soon to be ex came into our lives. Pictures of swim meets, trips to Tallulah Gorge, Birthdays, days on the lake, so many wonderful memories of life with my children and friends before.

I came across several pictures of happy family times with my grandmother and other family members as well. Tears in my eyes and a smile on my face, this trip down memory lane has helped me to find the strength to face yet another day…a joyous one by normal standards.

The Six of Cups is a card about feeling Nostalgia about times gone by, most especially with family and loved ones.

I hope that everyone can enjoy this day, whether your Mother is on the other side or lost to you in this life right now in some way. For me, today is about the good and cherished memories of my children and all the happy and fun occasions that we’ve shared among our quite crazy journey.

With Love and Best Wishes,

Michelle Lee 🌺

*Card from Crystal Visions Tarot*





From Crystal Visions Tarot

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