Unfinished Symphony


 Unfinished business; an incomplete lesson; lack of closure; the needs to make amends.

This card also carries today’s  universal energy of one. You can read my prior post for more information on today’s universal energy.   This is about tying up loose ends so that you can move forward in your new beginning.  This is about taking care of yourself now so that you can move forward in the next stage of life. It’s a tough process that is necessary for our growth. Old wounds lingering seem to always reveal themselves in some way in our future if they have never been dealt with. This card brings courage to face your heartbreak or ending so  no you can once again and find some light for your path into your next stage of life 🌷

“Moving on is difficult when love lingers, things are left unsaid, and you haven’t had opportunity for closure in your relationship and then your heart. You can still feel bound up in relationship when closure is denied to you. It’s important to achieve this for yourself. Write that letter, make that call, or have that conversation over a cup of coffee. For peace of mind, except matters as they are,  make amends if need be, and to clear your feelings, even if only to yourself. Be clear about what was left unresolved, and close the door on the past so you can set yourself free. Only then can you love blossom.

When unfinished business casts a shadow over your life, it is a reminder that procrastination is a form of self sabotage. It is not in your best interest to stall. Even stumbling forward is better than holding back. Don’t overthink things or let yourself get distracted, just tie up loose ends and deliver the results, don’t quit before the finish line. Spirit wants you to win.”

Collette Baron-Reid, Wisdom of the Oracle



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